AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - Its the little details...

The little details make the whole sum of the bike. That's what today's chop chop was all about.
Relocated the indicators off the headlight ears. That way the fairing I have will now fit.
The bike was getting a bad wobble at around 70km/h. The steering head bearing got a bit of a tighten up. That should help with the wobble


Fitted some mid 1970s R90/6 handle bar risers to go with the mid 1970s R90/S bars that are fitted. The risers that came with the bike have the bolt heads showing. Yuck. The R90/6 ones are smooth and curvy. Fitted some Col Fosters Signature Series rubber grips. They look old school and cool.

Moved the ignition barrel from were I had it cable tied down under the tank to into the took box that sits under the seat. De-tabbed the frame. Took the sidecover tabs off.