AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - Some how to the /6 seat

Here are some details on fitting a /6, or for that matter maybe any of the slash airhead seat to a monoshock. Not /2. I believe this seat came of n r90/6.

You need to cut the top out of your guard/fender. The guard is plastic. I left the guard in. Used a paint maker to run around the top of the sub frame tubes. hen took the guard off and used a cutting wheel. You will get lots of molten plastic flinging around too.

There are two frame tabs that will need to come off.

One if the tab/spike that you can hang a helmet from. 

The other is on the grab handle that is used to help get the bike up on the mainstand. 

I used the hinges that came with the seat. I assume that your monoshock seat hinges may fit the seat you are using? 

The taillight and indicators fit right onto the rear guard/fender as there are two holes already there for this purpose.