MZ Cartoon time from Finland... part 2..

Here is part 2 of the catoons that Michael Barnes has sent in relating to MZs. {Note that as this in Finnish the translation below relates to the red number for each catoon cell. You will work it out.}

Part one can be seen here


7. Just you wait, I’ll show yoos …

8. Everyone has got away to a good start, only 99 seems to have needed a
running start …
Why did I agree … this coffin’s not going anywhere. Only one solution . Peg the throttle and don’t touch the brakes until the finish line !!!!

9. A few laps later.
Beloved motorcycle racing fans ! This is sensational , no. 99 has fought on an ancient
MZ , risking life and limb to come from the back of the grid to position 5 !!!

10. And in the last chicane before the finish no. 99 goes into the lead !! Doing it with what seems an impossible line ! Just like Toni Mittenmann when at his best !
This rider is either very talented or spiritually driven !!!

11. No. 1 tries to make a comeback !! But doesn’t quite have enough !
No . 99 wins the race by a front wheel !!

Unbelievably we have seen the race go to an MZ !!!!

12. Whew ! I gotta tell ya that was the worst race I’ve ever run . Here take the prize money , you can buy lotsa high performance parts for the old MZ !!
What do ya think I’m am, crazy ?! Finally I can buy myself a Honda !!


  1. This is an oldie but goodie... I remember a version from my childhood involving Wonder WartHog who raced on Harley Davidsons...almost the exact same script, except he bought a Japanese marque called "onefast Sumbichi" ;-) Cheers! Sean


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