1987 YAMAHA SRX6 on eBAY.....

First up I am in no way related to the guy who is selling this bike. Nor do I gain anything from him for posting this to my blog. I found this while surfing eBay and thought it was one very nice SRX and want to share it here.

Ok, first you are going to have to read the why’s and wherefor’s as to why I’m selling such a little gem.

Purchased in February as a non-runner/basket case, with a view to a quick reassemble, MOT, Tax and flog it to support my biking habit…………that was the plan….until..

#1 Son decided he didn’t want to take his precious Morini 3 ½ Sport to the IOM this year, and wanted to take another bike instead, well, he’s an engineer, and knows his way round bikes, so I said ‘here’s a bike, I’ve got loads of spares, get on with it’.

The trouble with letting a ‘proper’ engineer do these things is that everything has to be done ‘correctly’. During March and April I got regular phone calls with shopping lists of parts, to come from my spares, or purchased new from Yamaha, engineering work required, details from my service manual etc! So, what exactly has been done to this bike :-

In no particular order :-
Completely stripped, frame and swingarm and sprayed (Yamaha metallic grey, swingarm in black) swingarm bearings removed cleaned and re-greased, headstock fitted with new roller bearings.

As items were re-assembled onto the frame they were cleaned/polished and where needed repaired/refurbished

Wheels fitted with new bearings and seals and Bridgestone Battleaxe BT45’s, sprocket holder also fitted with new bearing and seal.

Brake calipers fitted with new seals, and new internals fitted to both master cylinders, and stainless braided hoses all round. And new pads fitted.

Tomaselli clipons fitted to forks that have been stripped cleaned new seals fitted, and legs polished.

Handmade rearsets fitted, as were new chain and sprockets.

The engine was in bits when I got it, which at least gave us the chance to check it properly, the bottom end was fine, but the bore was not so good, so was rebored to maximum (now 640cc) and fitted with a 10.5:1 piston, a new oil pump fitted (an absolute must when rebuilding these engines) and new seals fitted to the right hand casing. The engine has been sprayed black with some very hard engine enamel sourced in America which cures even harder as the engine heats up.

Valves were reground and all tolerances on the engine were checked.

The paintwork is basically as it came, I got a colour match on it, (VW Metallic blue) and sprayed 2 spare side panels (not with the bike when I got it), some small chips and scratches were touched up and it seems a very good match.

With the engine in the frame, a predator exhaust system was fitted (one of my spares) the end can has been shortened and a bespoke tail pipe fitted in stainless.

New small winkers fitted, and a new bar end mirror. The seat was stripped and re-modelled.

This is a uk bike with MPH speedo, and relatively low mileage.

Following a 500 mile run in period, filter and oil was changed, and off to the IOM for the TT we went. A 1000 mile round trip with no problems. And I have been putting a few miles on it since, but, much as I love it, I have 3 others already, and my #1 SRX is the one I will keep.

A predator stainless downpipes and 'silencer' are fitted, the silencer has been cut back and a stainless exit cap fitted (when we opened up the silencer there were a lot of funny pipes and a sort of wadding stuff, didn't seem to be doing anything much except add weight, so removed most of it)

Very few problems came to light as a result of the IOM trip, the new fork seals weeped a bit, so have been replaced (again) the tubes are in excellent condition with no chips or rust in the swept area, so can only assume the first set of seals weren’t very good..

There is one other thing you need to know about this bike, when started from cold (which it does with ease) if you accelerate too quickly, the clutch will slip a bit, it will do this for 10-15 mins until the engine is warmed up, after which time it is solid, and however much you try, it will not give way….this is probably due to the extra BHP from the 640cc high comp engine, and it’s a reasonable inhibitor to ‘wellying’ the motor until it’s nice and warm. A simple change of clutch spring to heavy duty ones would be a 30 minute fix.


  1. Those clip-ons really rock!! Beautiful!

  2. Anyone know what happened to this bike? The reason I ask is because I owned it for some years. Bought it in Penzance in 1995 and kept it until it developed a top end rattle. Traded it in but couldn't bear to see it outside the bikeshop so bought it back again. It loafed in my garage for a couple of years while I promised myself I'd fix it before I sold it on for spares. I'm a bit of an SRXophile, with two in the garage already, but I'd love to have the old girl back if she's available. Anyone know? speedfreaksuk@yahoo.co.uk


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