Weight Watches for the MZ 125

The article I posted to this blog on the MZ 125 The petite MZ... recieved a comment yesterday. I thought it deserved a posting of it's own.

Pam F from Powroll was searching the net for MZ Scropion info and came across my blog. Here is was left as a comment on the MZ 125....

I was reading your blog after searching MZ Scorpion, and noticed this entry about the MZ125.

Our company did a project with MZ back when these bikes were first being introduced to the US market.

We did tons of testing and created some kits for them - however, MZ was sold before the project was completed. Here's some of what we found out about the little bikes.

1. We're not sure what dyno they used to get that 15 crank hp number, but the real numbers at the rear wheel were way less than 10 hp.

2. A standard Honda SL125 will outrun an MZ125 by at least 5 bike lengths in 1/2 mile.

3. The engine is hugely overbuilt, leaving so much space that we were able to create a 220cc bore kit without sacrificing reliability.

4. The bike weighs alot.

5. There is no way in the world that a stock model could reach 65mph. With a lightweight rider, fully tucked, we achieved 59 mph. Though, on the dyno, the bike will show 65mph without wind resistance.

6. The FunX (with it's streetbike chassis and uber-tall suspension) was the most ill-handling dirt bike I've ever ridden.

7. The MZ 125cc water cooled engine had tons of potential - this could have easily been made into a very fast 250, with bullet-proof reliability, right from the factory.

Pam F.