MZ Cartoon time from Finland...

Michael Barnes has sent in some cartoons relating to MZs. Here is the first one.
{Note that as this in Finnish the translation below relates to the red number for each catoon cell. You will work it out.}


1. Hey Bro, you’re not riding that in the 250’s are you ?
Of course, I’ve always ridden the MZ and I’m staying faithful to the marque.

2. The others are on fast Hondas and Yammies – no gaps left for you man !
Yeah but this is a question of honour for me . Er just a mo … there’s …

3. Your Toni Mittenmann , ex world champion .

4. Toni ! my hero ! you’re the man, who never turns down a challenge.
How would you like to ride my MZ in the race . I wouldn’t have a chance,
But if you rode ? ….
I don’t know.

5. But what’s at stake here is more than just a race. This touches on the future of
a bike with an honoured name ! The Japanese are wrecking our economy !!
MZ is about to go broke !! The workers will lose their jobs and their kids will go hungry ! You could save them . All Germany will be forever grateful to you !

6. Well OK I’ll do it , but incognito, I’ll use your name ….. now what’s your grid position ?
250 riders race starts in 10 minutes.
How many riders ?