MonoConnection Treffen 2007...

Over the weekend on 7-9 September 2007 there was a gathering of things single. This gathering was held in the Netherlands and run by This is where riders from all over the world with a love for sportive street singles like: SR, SRX, SZR, XBR, GB, DUKE, SATURNO, MUZ and all sorts of specials come together and have a great time. Catching up with old and making new friends. Checking out each others bikes. Going on one of the three different rides tailored for different riding styles. At night sharing a cold brew while chewing the fat about all things single.

I could not be there in person. How I wish I could have. Both Muzzer and Kale, from, have allowed me to show you their photos from this event. Hope you enjoy them as much I did when I saw them today. I will be running these photos of the next instalments. There are lots of them.

First up, where the meeting was held at.

And some of the scenery that over looked the camp site. Wow we don’t have Castles at out bike Rallies/Meeting down under here. ;-)

Photos of some the MZs that were in attendance.

Muzzer's photos.

Muzzer's MZ.

Kale's MZ photos.

Muzzer getting his leg over.

Muzzer's MZ.

The gang.

Next instalment will feature the Honda XBR/GBs seen at MonoConnection Treffen 2007.