When is a BMW club run a MuZ run?????

Bruce Campbell, MuZ Tour owner, invited me along on the BMW Touring Club NSW ride today. It was arranged that we meet at Mac’ers at Rouse Hill. I was expecting a whole heap of BMs. From 650s through to 1200s. When I arrived there was one BMW GS1200 and Kwaka 1500 Vulcan. Bruce rolled in on his MuZ. Then a Yammie TDM arrived and a Suzuki DR650. And as we left we picked up a Honda TransAlp. Now hang on this is a BMW ride. Not anymore. It’s a MuZ ride as we outnumbered the other bikes. Hehehehe.

The meeting time was 8:30am and by 8:45 we were on our way. The 1200 and Vulcan where 2 up. The TDM was 2 up too. As you will see below. Chillie loved the ride.

Bruce set a good pace that seemed to suit all of us. Making our way to Wisemans Ferry, using same route when 3 of us MuZ riders went up that way in July, Bruce took us down along River Rd that follows the Hawkesbury River. This is such a beautiful route. Also it is off the beaten track. So the traffic is very light. At times its very narrow road that has gravel patches. Everyone rode this with no problems at all. Once we had crosssed the Hawkesbury River via the ferry it was onto Kulnura for brunch at Jerry's Gourmet Kitchen via Spencer and Mangrove Mountain.

I have never been to Kulnura. Stupid me. It’s a Bikers Haven. Jerry cooks some very good food too. The girls in the shop bring the food out to you. So you can sit back and chat bikes and wait for a delicious meal to arrive. Bike fly past every few minutes. Or arrive for food and fuel.

Here is a selection of some of the bikes seen at Jerry's today.

After lunch I headed off by myself and made my way to The Entrance. I went to visit some very old friends John and Leanne. I used to rally with them in the 80s. I have not seen them in around 15 years. Leanne was not home, but John was. It was good to just sit and talk about the Rally we had gone to. The people we used to known and the silly things we did back then.

All too soon it was time to head for home. The Freeway back too Sydney took me as far as Mt White and I turned onto the Old Pacific and a quick stop at Road Warriors.

A good fang down to Hornsby Heights and then through Galston Gorge brought me back to suburban traffic and the boring roads back to my garage.

Thank you Bruce for once again leading a great ride. Also to the others on the ride (Sorry I have forgotten your names. I am very bad when it comes to names. At least I remembered Chillie's name.) it was really good to ride with you all.