My Muz is no longer a wheel stop...

As you may have read in my posting To the halfwit that reversed into my MuZ… some fool tried to turn the MuZ into a wheel stop. Not any more. She has been restored back to her former glory.

I went to Metropolitan Motorcycle Spares NSW Pty Ltd at 90 Silverwater Road Silverwater 2128 and bought a brake lever from a XLV 750. Fits but needs a little bit of profiling on the knob bit that pushes on the master cylinder plunger. Also bought a set of indicators from a old GS500. Nearly the same shape as the MuZs. They will do for the time being. I rode to the wreckers with the broken brake lever. Fairing was off and I had fitted a set of Virago indicators just to get me there.

They also fitted the brake lever for me.

Got home and repaired the fairing. Some surgical bandage soaked in Super Glue has helped to give some strength to the crack. I did this on the inside of the fairing. Sprayed over the repair with a bit of model aircraft red paint just to take the whiteness away from the bandage. Not the best fix but all I can do by myself.

Thankfully the handle bar was easy to fix by just undoing it and moving it back to where it should be.

I went to buy some bullet hole stickers from the local bikeshop to go over the paint damage. Suits where I live as we have a shooting at least once a year here. Granville. No guns laws here. But they were all misprinted. So made it myself. I used Paint Shop Pro to create the graphic. Printed it out on paper and then used some clear contact. Then stuck it over the horrible scar in the paint.

A bit of a clean up with Planet Bike Shines Riders Bike Wash and the bike is almost looks as good as the day I bought it…

$30 later the bike is back together and ok.

With summer coming I have left the bottom 1/3 of the fairing off. I like the look. Plus there is a paint scar there that needs a sticker of some sort made to cover the damage.