To the halfwit that reversed into my MuZ …..

I had to go to the doctors today. Park in the main street of Granville. Rear to kerb. Bike is on side stand.

I come out of the doctors and go up to the bike. There waiting to greet me is an indicator lenses sitting on the seat. Then I see what other damage has been done.

To the halfwit that reversed into my MuZ. Thank you for leaving it lying on the road. Thank you that you broke the following.

Right front indicator.
Broke the fairing where the right front indicator is. Nice big crack.
Front Brake Lever.
Removed paint from the fairing.
Scratched the muffler. Glad I took the panniers off before I rode today. Or the right one would have been mashed.
Moved the right handle bar around.
Numerus scratches around the bike.

I bet you where the idiot sitting in your car on your mobile. I gave you ½ a cars length grace. You had more than ½ a cars length in front of you. And yet you reversed into my bike and then drove off. I bet you had that stupid phone to your fat head when you did this too!! At least someone picked the bike up for me. Shame they didn’t leave a note with the rego of the car.

Now I have to spend money that I really didn’t want to on the bike. Just as well it passed rego last week.


  1. Hi Ross,

    This really sucks!! I hope you can repair it... Good luck.

  2. She is all fixed up now. :-)




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