CL450BB...Spanners waved out comes engine..

The engine is out of the frame

I stink of old engine oil as I type this. Old oil with water. That's what has come out of the engine. 

My wife and I got the engine out of the frame this morning. 

We got it up on to the work bench and I took to it with the spanners.

So how bad is that seizure? I will let the photos tell you. Will say though that the crank spins freely. I cant feel any grinding or sideways movement in the crank. I will be splitting the cases to clean out all the oil/water mix and check the bearings etc.

My universal block of wood and a hammer got the head first then the barrels off. So it was just rust in the bores stopping the engine from being kicked over. 

I think a trip to an engineers shop and get the bores measured is called for. I am hoping all it needs is a re-bore and next size up pistons and rings. 

That bloody sump plug. 

I found my 8mm spanner. Good old BMW one. Was able to use it and a big hammer and got the plug undone. 

The end of my impact driver has started to bur over after the pounding it got to get the engine casing bolts out. All if these bolts will be replaced with hex head ones.