CL450 is here...

Good on ya Ken for driving all the way up here with the bike mate. Thank you.

So the CL450 is here. The patina so cool. So much rust and oxidation.

I don't know how you move the bike around your place Ken as I had to break the chain to get the back wheel to turn. Some of the links had rusted together. :-)

After a photo session it was wheeled around the back. WD40 sprayed on all the engine bolts. They will all be replaced with hex head bolts. I can see my impact driver will be getting a workout to get these bolts out.

So now to officially rename the bike the "CL450 BastardBrat" or "CL45BB" for short.

Looking at the VIN it would seem that the bike is in fact a 1971 model not a 72.