CL450BB.. Must be the Scottish blood in me...

Converting the original seat to a Brat seat.

Scots are known for being spend thrift. I have Scottish blood in me. When I saw the price of some of the Cafe/Brat style seats for sale my Scottish blood boiled. So I made my own.

You might have read earlier how I started to restore the seat base? CL450BB... Spending me RDO fighting old glue...

I now took to taking the foam out and lowing the seat as it where. Took about 2 inches out of it.

Peeling the foam back. No mice had set up home in it. 

Filled in the indents with foam from the base. 

Yoga mat helps cushion my tender behind. 


The vinyl at the front of the seat is hard and brittle. How long that will last I have no idea. I will make a small plate to go on the back of the seat that has "W'nR'n" engraved into it. 

So far this seat has cost me nothing. Blood has stopped boiling. How comfy will it be? I really don't care.