CL450BB - I hates gasket goo.

Started to take bits off. Stuff that will not be needed. Like tool box etc. The frame has way more rust on it than I first thought.

The engine will have to come out of the frame for its rebuild. So then the frame can be stripped and repainted. I did want to keep the patina. Ha! Its rust.

Any engine cover that has oil behind it has multiple layers of gasket applied to the mating surfaces. AAARRRGGGHH!! I would not be surprised if some had not made its way into the engine and blocked some of the oil ways. I had to use a drift and hammer on one rocker cover to break the gasket goo seal.

Speaking of oil. WD40 on the engine oil filler cap over night. The cap came undone this morning. There is oil on the dip stick. Surprises keep happening with this bike.