CL450BB.. Struck oil...

The plan today was to drain the oil from the engine  Then in a few days time take the engine out of the frame. Then open it up and see what adventures of seizure await. That was the plan. hahahahahahaha!!!!

Sump plug is stuck. Looks like I will need to get some spray that freezes metal so it shrinks. This should get the plug out. hahahahahahaha!!!!

Laid the bike on its side so I could get more leverage on the sump plug. Bear in mind that the carbs are off the engine as well. Jan comes down to see what i am doing. "Is that oil on the ground?" she says to me. Is that oil alright. Its pouring out of the left carb trumpet. hahahahahahaha!!!! Seems that the left piston and rings has no intention of holding back oil. I wonder if the piston has a head left on it?

Lay the bike on the right side. Guess what? Oil does not pour out. That's the side that the electrode from the spark plug is missing.

Worse comes to worse and I can't get the plug out I will have to buy a old new bottom end. That is something that will be decided when the engine is in bits.