CL450BB... Spending me RDO fighting old glue...

Seeing as I am a cheap bastard, I am trying to reclaiming the seat off the Honda.

The base has a far amount of surface rust. A can of rust inhibiting paint has been applied to the seat base.

To get that Bratstyle seat look I will cut down the foam of the seat and then reuse the seat cover. Yes the seat cover that has so much old glue of some sort smeared over it. 

Thankfully vinyl and glue do not like each other. The glue has not really bitten into the vinyl. Most none water based glues work on the principal of heat. The chemicals in the glue make heat which in turns melts what the glue is touching thus causing the bond.      

So sitting in the lovely autumn sun I am using WD40 wiped over the glue and a curved hobby blade to slowly scrape and lever this old glue off.

Ok several hours have gone by and the seat cover is all cleaned up... So it was off up the road, 3 houses and across the road to Six String Brewing for a Pale Ale as a reward for my hard work....