Off to Mitta Mitta... Stay at Charlie's...

Charlie (AirBear) from the Boxerworks forums opened his house to us knowing we were coming down his way. I have wanted to meet the Aussie Bozerworks guys and now was the perfect chance. Charlie arranged for George and Jeff to have dinner with us too.

Charlie owns a well ridden 1974 R90/6 "Brunhilde".

George arrived first on his Outfit, "Siegfried". Of course I asked for a ride. Not having had the joy of the 3rd wheel for about 3 years I could not help myself.

A quick spin and it all came flooding back to me. "Helge come for a ride in the chair and video us riding....." Helge jumped at the chance.

Helge and me about to burn up the tar. Photo by George Stahl.

Off we tore through Bethanga..... Photo by George Stahl.

Video that helge took will be posted once I can get it uploaded.

This was the icing on the cake for me. The ride so far had been unbelievably good. To ride the outfit was amazing. Thank you so much George for letting me do this.

What a great night it was too. Superb food cooked by Charlie.

Charles, Helge, Jeff, Ross, Lilly. Photo by George.

Great discussions about airhead BMWs were had. All things sidecars was thrown better George and I. Both Jeff and Helge shared their troubles they have had with their bikes. Helge explaining as they started to fix small things on the bike they found even bigger problems like camshafts that look like the engine had been filled with grinding paste. The cams had worn that much. Jeff about how one small spring broke in his engine and caused a major rebuild. New old crankshaft and heads rebuilt.

Me, Charlie, Jeff and George.

Jeff's R100RS. He has owned it for 18 years. He calls it his Messerschmitt ME109.

Was a great night. Lilly sat patently as we old BM farts rattled on.

Tar Brothers.

Sunset as seen from Charlie's house.

Charlie thank you so much for opening your home to us and feeding us a wonderful dinner.

Charlie, Jeff and George it was great to meet you all. Can't wait to see you again guys.

Next installment.... South to Mitta Mitta.

Photo credits: Myself, Helge and George Stahl