Aussie Boxerworks trip....

Some of the Aussie guys from forums had a wee get together last weekend. I missed out. Next time maybe. Charlie (AirBear) Smith penned the below words.....

Being a 'Father and Son' affair, and my sons and grandsons being unavailable, I had to resort to a 'Rent-a-kid' service. My young friend Jack - now 'Bad-ass Jack the biker' - came along. He really enjoyed himself and is looking forward to the next adventure. And adventure it was.

The Bethanga contingent at launch time - Jack, Charlie (AirBear), George and Philip.

The Omeo Highway hasn't been graded for a while and has deteriorated somewhat in the few weeks since I last came this way. Lots of loose gravel and drifts of clay dust. Along the way we came across a bloke on a Triumph with a punctured rear tyre. Between us we had the technology to get him back on the road, albeit with only 25psi in the tyre. 10kms later we had to patch the tube again, this time with access to a compressor. Note the white roadside marker that made a perfect prop for the bike.

Action shots of Siegfried the Outfit on the Omeo Highway.

It was fun watching that sidecar wheel lifting on some of the left-handers. I imagine George had quite a workout. It looks like hard work.

The below action shots taken by by George Stahl, Siegfried's owner.

Ken. Jeff (ME109)'s Brother.

Charlie (AirBear) and Jack.

Charlie (AirBear).

Jeff and Daniel (ME109).

The campsite at Angler's Rest.

It was cool enough to have a fire and we enjoyed plenty of good red wine and the usual tall tales around the campfire.

We had further adventures on the way home. We decided to try the road over to Falls Creek up on Mount Bogong- supposedly recently upgraded. The first 10kms or so has been sealed in the last few weeks. Unfortunately the gravel put on top of the bitumen has not had the chance to sink in yet, and there are great drifts of fine gravel, making a very tricky surface. It was almost a relief to get onto the horrible rocky and corrugated part that usually stops motorcycles from using this road. It'll be great when it's finished.

We waited at Falls Creek for George. And waited and waited. Finally flagged down a car from that direction and learnt that yes, there was a bloke on a bike with a sidecar on the side of the road back about 30kms. The other guys had to keep going so I went back. The sidecar tyre had a puncture, fixed just before I got there. A photo of 'how to jack up a sidecar using two 11 year old boys, some rocks and a branch.'

Sadly the tyre blew out again just after Falls Creek and George had to nurse the outfit down to Mt Beauty with a flat tyre, now completely stuffed. George called his wife to bring out the nice new tyre he had at home.

It was a really good weekend. The kids were great. They may well be future bike addicts.