Off to Mitta Mitta... Day one....

Late Tuesday afternoon Helge arrives. His BMW is a now running really well after nearly a full engine, gearbox and final drive rebuild.

Wednesday morning. No rain as forecast. We are aiming to spend the first night on the road at Geehi Hut in the Snowy Mountains. Lilly and me on the LT and Helge on his R80 G/S battle the Sydney morning traffic to the Royal National Park and arrive at Bald Hill.

Then on down to Macquarie Pass. We are the last lot of vehicles to be allowed up the pass as they are about to close it for road works. A great fang is had by both of us as we boom up the pass. Then onto Moss Vale and then 44 boring kilometers to Goulburn. We take a small detour to look at the War Memorial there. This over looks the city.

Leaving Goulburn we travel down via Lake Bathurst and the east side of Lake George. Lunch stop at Queanbeyan, which is in NSW and I see a statue of the founder of Canberra in the ACT. John Gale. Strange that he would be on display in NSW.

The terrain heading towards the Snowy Mountains is very barren and wind swept in places. Almost Alien like.

There are not enough words in the motorcyclists thesaurus to describe the Alpine Way in the Snowy Mountains. It is beyond belief how good this road is. When you see a sign that tells you that there are 66kms of twisty road ahead you know that this is going to be the best. It was hot in Jindabyne when we refueled. As we started to climb up the mountains we came closer and closer to the dark clouds over Thredbo. It was freezing. We didn't care. We owned this road. No one in front of us to spoil the corners.

Once over the top and down the other side heading to Geehi Hut we left the clouds behind. Soon we arrived at the Geehi Plain. Brilliant sunshine lit the camp grounds as we arrived. The locals had gathered to welcome us to their home. The hut was built in 1952 and is right next to the Swampy Plains River. It is watched over by the majestic Kosciuszko Range.