Off to Mitta Mitta... Day three...

Overnight it had rained while we are at Charlie's. What would the weather greet us with today? Sunshine. Lots of it too. We pack and thank Charlie for his generosity. We must be off.

The view from the lookout above Bethanga.

Lake Hume . The Bridge at Bell Bridge.

We had to make a quick detour up to Albury so Helge could get a new tail light globe. It was starting to get hot. The type of heat that brings thunderstorms. They would come. Just not yet.

With Helge's GPS leading us off we went for the last leg to Mitta Mitta. Amazing roads passed beneath our wheels. Smooth, fast flowing corners that followed the the contours of the terrain as we road past the Lake Hume.

Ghost like trees stand as silent giants in parts of Lake Hume.

On the Locharts Gap Road.

Locharts Gap.

We turn onto the Omeo Hwy. My excitement levels are rising. We are getting closer to Mitta Mitta and the meetings. I am looking out for the mileage markers on the side of the road as they count down how far we have left.

The Omeo Hwy follows the Mitta Mitta river. The road snakes and weavers its way up and down the hills. The surface is so smooth and free flowing. We are making great time and loving every corner. This will soon stop. We have arrived.

After checking in with Dave from Horizons Unlimited we set up camp. We pitched our tents out the back of the pub. Up above us we had the pub. Down below we had the burbling waters of the river. The following day this river would be roaring.

Tent city would grow through out the afternoon and the next day. There was also the option of staying up the road at the caravan park. Behind the pub was great for us.

Dinner was your typical good country pub fare. I went real cheap this trip. So much so that I was ordering the kids meals for myself and Lilly. Why pay $19 for a meal when you can pay $6.50. The salad bar was free. So I heaped up the greens too. I lost weight while on this trip. An even better bonus.

Dinner the first night. New friends and old.

Next update. The bikes that were at the meet. The meet ride.

Photo credits: Myself, Helge and Lilly.