1,000 k round trip.....

Jeff (ME109) from the BoxerWorks forums went for a 1000km ride with his one of his sons last weekend. Here is his ride report....

Saturday morning about 8:30 I wound the trip meter around to 0000 and headed of for a three day ride. Monday afternoon I pull into my garage just as the trip meter rolls round to 0000. Not bad 'eh?

I took my eldest son Jordan aged 15. He is great to have around on a bike trip being very helpful and fun to be with. He is also getting bigger and heavier on the back of the bike.

First night we stayed at picnic point on the NSW south coast. 18 Wapengo oysters hit the spot before T bone steak and veggies.

Second night was in the mountains by a beautiful stream where we enjoyed lamb rump steaks on the bbq plate. Sitting around a fire after a meal listening to the stream and hearing the sounds of the evening is truly a wonderful thing with a 3/4 moon setting the scene. I should have bought another bottle of red.

My RS has developed an incontinance problem with oil and fuel, sigh. There is even a weep of oil coming from the starter cavity drain hole!! WTF? After replacing the rear main seal twice in the last 4 weeks and still having oil leak issues I've decided to adopt a new approach. I don't give a ....!

Other than that the RS pulled beautifully for the whole trip and is a joy to ride even when it is loaded to the max.

There were heaps of bikes about this weekend and we spoke to lots of motorcyclists heading in all directions. The motorcycling brotherhood is alive and well.