There are more of us Scorpion owners in NSW.

There are more of us out there! Michael Barnes from Dubbo was pointed to this blog by another MZ owner, Rory McPherson from southern NSW. Michael is a MZ Scorpion Traveller owner and lives in Western NSW. That makes 5 of us that I now know of in NSW. Michael has travelled very far on his Traveller. He shipped the Traveller to the UK and then rode from there to Finland for the MZ Rally 2006. During he Europe leg of the trip, over a period of a month, he rode a total a nine ferries. The shortest 20 minutes, the longest 24 hours.

Here is his Travller in the parking lot of a hotel in Helsingbord Sweden.

Hey thats why they are called Travellers.

{EDIT} Here is a map of the route that Michael took. Over the next few postings to this blog I will have Michaels write up of this trip and photos. This is going to be a great touring treat.