Go for a ride with some Hayabusa High-Performance Sidecars....

As you would have gathered from reading through my blog I love sidecars. Yes I am a wee bit wonky. ;-) I found this great video on YouTube and have to share it with you. This was shot in the USA hence the chairs being on the 'wrong side'. You may never get to ride an outfit but this will show you how much fun it is. Enjoy! :-)


  1. perhaps he is not native to the USA...despite the car being on the "correct" side, he does seem to spend quite a bit of time driving in the right hand lane....(when he's actually managing to keep it on the road, that is!)Is that weaving chemically induced, or all part of the fun of driving an outfit? Cheers! Sean
    PS: What is the strange beast they are towing behind? All I can see is that with FIVE wheels on the ground, he still can't keep it between the lines!

  2. Hi Sean. With a chair and going fast in the twistes you use all the road you can. I know :-)

    The ting they are towing is a rig for the rear facing camera.




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