If Godzilla and Pokemon rode bikes….

The Japanese seem to have this thing for cult figures or icons. I don’t mean the nasty ones that tell you they are god and take all your money. I mean the icons that have come out of Japan. Like Godzilla. Pokemon. Monkey and the Phantom Agents. They seem to do this with their motorcycles too. Take the humble Yamaha SR400/500. I am finding more and more shops in Japan that make customs parts for this range of bikes. You can dress them up as bad boy choppers or make them look like old British singles from the 50s.

At times I will be featuring the different sites I find as I ride the net. And no I have nothing to do with these shops. I am just sharing what I find. :-)
One such shop is Mr Scary MC. I love the name. I wonder is he really is Scary?? ;-) They have customs parts that are very colourful.So much so that they seem to be very untraditional when it omes to customs bikes. As you can see from this Titanium Muffler system.

There is no mistaking their customised SRs. You won’t lose this one in the bike park at a MotoGP meet.