Deus Ex Machina & Deus Café.

Today I and Lilly, youngest daughter, rode into Camperdown. We had a mission. To try out the café at Deus Ex Machina and kick some tyres in their bike shop. We wanted to sample some of their hot beverages and soak up the 40/50s atmosphere. No way were we disappointed. What a great place. Not just for die hard bikers but also for the locals.

The shop/café is located at 98-104 Parramatta Rd Camperdown. About 5 mins from the centre of Sydney by fast single cylinder bike with open megaphone. If you can’t see the giant DEUS bike logo painted on the side of the building just look for the cool bikes parked around the shop. The MZ looked great parked next to a Guzzi Griso. Around the corner was a Triumph chopper, a tricked up SR500 single and the Japanese brother of the MZ, a SZR660.

Walk into the Café and you are great with lots of noise. Good noise. Happy noise. People sitting around chatting over a hot drink and a meal. Biker people with jackets and helmets. Locals who come here for their cuppa fav poison. The café staff is busy as. This is a good sign. Means they serve food that makes you want to come back. We ordered our drinks and sat down. Within minutes we were given a free cup of water. No sooner had that been put on our table when the drinks arrived. Well done café staff. I like it when the drink arrives hot and quick.

Lilly had the hot chocolate. You could tell it was good as she had a grin from ear to ear. When asked what she would rate the hot chocolate out of 10 she gave it an 8. My Peppermint tea was wonderful. We didn’t order a meal but the prices were very good. Cheaper than some of the cafes in Parramatta.

Beckoning us though was the bike shop. Automatic glass doors link the café and the bike shop. So as you sit and sip your tea you have these masterpieces of motorcycle re-engineering gleaming at you. Inside is the Mecca for the biker who likes their bikes to have no more than 2 cylinders.

“Deus is a completely different kind of motorcycle company. While focussing on the supply of custom motorcycles, parts and accessories, Deus promotes and celebrates a custom motorcycle culture that first appeared in Europe and America in the 1940s and which has recently been revived by groups of young enthusiasts in countries such as Japan, America and Australia.” Their website states.

They major in taking SR400 Yamaha singles and doing wonderful British styling type things to them. Or maybe you are into the Yankee flatracker style. They can do that to an SR400 as well. Or how about a Kawaka W-650 that has had a facelift. Or at 1930s Harley racer. The shop floor is lined with these customs bikes. My credit card was throbbing knowing how much I would have loved to have bought a ‘TT’ SR400. I am not going the mention here how much the bikes cost. You can go in their and see for yourself. But be warned, they are worth every dollar that is on the price tags. If only DEUS was around when I had my SR500 18 years ago. She would have been in there in a flash for the DEUS treatment.

Deus™ SR400 'TT'

Just one of the many SR400 for sale.

Deus™ DR650 Longtracker.

Deus™ Grievous Angel SR400.

Another custom SR400.

Some more custom Iron.

SR400 Import from Japan I believe.

Deus™ w650 Cafe Custom

DESU is not just about the bikes only. They have their own brand of clothing and fashion accessories for the biker. For kids as well! They stock retro looking helmets, leather jackets and a great selection of books. How about some custom parts for your bike? They do that as well. Stocking chrome fuel tanks, instruments and small bullet style indicators. There is also a workshop on site. But I didn’t take a peek in there. The MZ may have thought it was getting some Brit bling and I would never have been able to get her out of the shop then. It’s about time we had a custom bike shop that was not just about apehangers and drag pipes.

As Molly Meldrum used to say, “Do yourself a Favour” and get down to Deus Ex Machina & Deus Café. Even if it is just to have a cuppa and drink in the atmosphere. You will not be disappointed. DEUS is about a lifestyle. Looking cool and riding a cool retro bike without the oil stained driveway.

DEUS also have an online shop. But go have a look in person.

Thank you also to DEUS for letting me flash away with my camera.


  1. Deus™ SR400 'TT'

    Tasteful AND Tasty! don't much care for most Jap cafe racers, but what they've done with the SR400 is quite nice! Cheers! Sean

  2. Saw an advertisement for Deus in September issue of Cycle Torque 2007 with the website address so I decided to check it out on the net after I read this artcle. It looks great. I intend to go there first chance I get. I am presently looking into getting a cheap Honda CB250/400T Hawk. Not sure what might be available for customising, it's worth taking a look anyway.

  3. Great what they do with that SR single!!!

    Greetz from Belgium Europe


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