Welcome to my MZ Blog.

Welcome to my MZ Blog. Here you will read about my MZ Scorpion Traveller.

(23/06/2007) I picked up my MZ Scorpion Traveller that I bought from Better Bikes.

MZ are a very old German company that has made 2 stroke 250s for many years.
Thankfully my MZ is not an oil smoke blower. It has a lovely water cooled Yamaha 660cc five valve single cylinder engine. Rest of the bike is German made. I seem to be the 4th owner. The first owner bought the bike in Sept 2000 in South Australia. Then it seems to have passed onto 2 other owners till it was brought over here to Sydney.

The bike had 42,164 kms on the clock when I picked it up today. It has a full service record too. So I know that this bike has been looked after. It seems to have fallen over at least once. There is a graze mark on the right side of the fairing. The right mirror is scuffed up. The Muffler has a few scratches on it. But that did not put me off. The engine runs so nicely. Better Bikes did a great job in detailing the bike. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to buy a good second hand bike. Leon if you read this you sold me one of the best bikes I have ever owned. :-)
Enough of me waffling. Here are some photos of the Traveller. I took today in Parramatta Park.


  1. Sharp looking bike, dude! Good to hear from you anytime -- what better way than a blog?

    -- your Bama buddy, Boar

  2. Hiya Ross. Nice bike, nice blog mate. Good to see you about mate!

    Q Man

  3. Good to see you guys pop in.

    Boar had the outfit been running when you were over here I may have offered you a ride. ;-)

    Hey Q. Hope it is nice and warm up there???

  4. Hi Ross, my name is Rory McPherson I live in NSW just north of Mildura. Ive owed my 1998 Skorpion for just over a year now. Its a great bike. I agree with you about the chain noise though. I wish there was a way of stopping it. Have fun

    Rory rory.mcpherson@education.nsw.gov.au


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