Some thougths on my MZ...

1/7/2007. Took the MZ for a ride up to Chatswood to day. Even though it is Sunday there was still a far amount of traffic around. This gave me a good indication of what the MZ is like is heavy traffic.

I find to keep her at 60kmh, without the chain slapping I have to run in 3rd gear and at about 3’000 rpm. I don’t know if this is normal?

I am also getting used to the quick handling of the bike. Well it is quick compared to the Virago and sidecar that I had been previously riding. ;-) The MZ has a small wheel compared to all the other bikes I have owned. I don’t find that it falls into corners at all.

From the lights I find that the MZ will eagerly leave most of the tin tops behind.

Travelling back along the motorway from Homebush the bike loves to sit on 100 kmh. She seems to have plenty of grunt to get around the traffic at this speed to.

I hate the mirrors. I can’t see what is directly behind me. No matter what position I put them in. I think I will replace them with a set mounted to the handle bars. Does anyone know what size the mirror holes are in the switch blocks that are blanked off?

Cheers for now.