Another sunny day.....

Another sunny day. So out for another ride. This time I wanted some freeway riding and some rough country side riding. I was able to adjust the rear shock. A bit of WD40 sprayed onto the adjusting collar and I at last could change the spring setting. So that was a good excuse to go for a ride.

Went down the free way to Campebelltown. Then out to Camden and back along the Old Northern Road to Eastern Creek and back along the Freeway to Granville.

The engine is smooth at 100kmh freeway riding. The Virago mirrors at this speed are clear as well. Must be because of the metal backs. Top gear at 100kmh and roll open the throttle and she goes up to 120kmh quickly. I have not taken her up to the advertised 160kmh she is supposed to do. Don’t know that I want to. 120 is fast enough for me now days.

The Old Northern Road has had a lot work done to it over the years as it is nice and smooth now days. Fare few bikes out too. Nice to see that motorcyclists still wave to each other. Well not all. The Harley guys don’t wave back. I don’t mean those with patches but the weekend Harley rider. :-(

Stopped off at Camden Airport. My other love is for aircraft. Especially anything with 2 or more wings. So I was very happy to see these 2 old ladies of the sky, de Havilland DH82 Tiger Moths. You can go up for a joyride in them too. I had no spare cash so crawled over them taking photos with my camera and its dying battery. Must remember next ride to check the batteries in the camera. ;-)

On the Old Northern Road Luddenham is this beautiful old church and graveyard.


  1. Beautiful photos, Ross!

    By all means, carry a fully-charged battery. ;)


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