A rare event! Three MZ Scorpions together…..

Saturday 21/07/2007 Bruce, Kieran and I meet up for a ride. We had meet each other on the MZOG • MZ Owners Group.

The day was sunny with patchy cloud and cold. Bruce arranged and led us on this ride. He picked some great narrow winding countries road for us to travel on.

We meet up at Mac’ers at Kellyville. I arrived first. As I stood having my cup of tea I watched the different groups of bikes heading out on rides. BMW big off-roaders, Ducatis all off hunting for a great bit of road to traveller on.

Bruce arrived first. His bike is a very well looked after and tweaked MZ Tour. Heated grips, Givi pannier racks, different rear shock and small screen at the front. He has the Traveller faring brackets fitted in place so he can change fairings.

Bruce arriving on his Tour.

While we waited for Kieran to arrive Bruce started my apprenticeship into all things MZ 660. This was greatly needed by me and in that ½ hour I learnt far more about my bike than I had in the month of owning it.

Then Kieran arrived. We heard him before we saw him. What music to my ears. A single with a loud muffler. Kieran’s Sport has a Staintune Can fitted. Besides the Can and a different air filter his bike is a standard Sport.

Kieran arrives on his Sport.

A bit of a chat to introduce each other, some fuel and coffee off we headed. Bruce led us through his backyard. Roads that hardly see joe public use them. Tight and twisty. We where headed for St Albans. If you have Google Earth you can see our start in destination with the following coordinates.
In the ‘Fly To’ menu address bar place this -33.71053, 150.95114 for Kellyville. And to see where we ended up use -33.292759, 150.972198 to fly over some of the terrain we travelled over to St Albans.

Just off the Ferry. Kieran on the left. Bruce to the right.

The last 5ks into St Albans is dirt. Some of it hard packed and I saw at least 80kms trying to keep up with Bruce. Bruce must have a theory for saving energy as I did not see his brake light come on more than a few times. He doesn’t use his brakes. His riding is so smooth. Then we hit some tree covered parts of the dirt road. Shadows and those evil lurking pot holes waiting for their next meal of biker and bike. I hit one and got into a tankslapper. My left hand was flung off the handle bar. How I recovered I don’t know. I had ridden road bikes in the dirt to rallies in the 1980s so maybe some long distant memory kicked in. But I could see that beautiful fairing on the bike shattered if I put her down. In no time Bruce and I arrived at the Settlers Arms Inn our destination.

The Settlers Arms Inn. This table is mine!

We had dismounted and started to get settled in when we heard Keiran coming. In the Valley you could hear him for miles. He slowed down. Looked at the bridge we had crossed and instead of going over the bridge to find us on the other side of the river he gunned it and was off. There was no way you could have shouted out to him as that muffler of his kills all other noise. Off he disappeared. Bruce took off after him. Within about 10 minutes they both arrived back. The way Keiran had gone was more dirt but was turning to mud. He commented that he saw Bruce sideways through the corners as they came back to where I was waiting. Yes Bruce had also ridden dirt bikes.

My Travller.

Lunch was great. Great conversion about bikes, places we have been to and lots of other things. Soon it was time to head off. We retraced our steps and headed for Wisemans Ferry for afternoon tea. This time I went last and followed Kieran on his Sport. Shame Staintune don’t still make a muffler for the MZ as I would be very tempted. There is no better sound than a single with a loud muffler.

More shots of Bruce's Tour.

More shots of Kieran's Sport.

Afternoon tea was soon over and it was time to head for home. Bruce’s comment as we prepared to return summed up the whole day. “Shall we do this again?” You bet!!!!

A rare sight! :-)

The MZ was great. She loved the tight stuff. Engine is great for all the types of roads we travelled on. I still have to get used to the small front wheel and how quick she turns into slow corners or roundabouts. But that’s not the bikes fault. After a month of ownership I am so glad I bought this bike. Do I have to go to work tomorrow? I just want to go for a ride.


  1. Nice pictures of the three MZ united ;) I didnt know theres so much green around Sydney (National Parks). Just realized when i see your route on google maps.

  2. Hi Kilian. Even though we have had a very bad drought and water restrictions we had heaps of rain in June and this has helped green up the land. Glad you liked the pics of the 3 MZs too. :-)



  3. as another sydney muz rider... it would be great to see 4 together!

    sampoucher@hotmail.com if you feel up to it!

  4. Wisemans Ferry-in a very pretty area.I remember those hairpins well.
    Martin.Ex-Richmond.Now Perth WA.


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