Ride up to Wiseman’s Ferry....

Today I took a ride up to Wiseman’s Ferry. This is the first ride out of the suburbs for me and the MZ. The weather here in Sydney was beautiful and sunny but a wee bit cold.

For those of you how don’t know where Wisemans Ferry is it is about 60kms north-west of the Sydney CBD. There is car ferry across the Hawkesbury River. The pub there is a popular place for motorcyclists. The road in is nice a twisty and drops down to the township with a number of tight slow speed hairpin bends. Just right for a light weight single. ;-)

The MZ was great on smooth winding roads. But on the rougher roads she was bouncing around at the rear end and the front was not much better. Not the bikes fault at all. I have not changed the rear shock settings. Trouble is it’s a real pain getting at the shock with the C spanner. There is hardly any room to move the spanner to adjust the shock. The front may just need a different grade of fork oil. Maybe a lighter grade.

It has seen years since I last rode to Wisemans. Last time was with the Virago and sidecar loaded up with kids and wife. As much as I love riding outfits it’s great to be on a solo through the twisties.

3rd and 4th gear was used most of the time through the twisty parts. On some of the longer flowing corners I just left her in 5th and wound on the throttle.

I was expecting to see more bikes at the pub. But as you can see from the photos there were very few.
Got chatting with the owners of the ST3 Ducati and the Suzuki Boulevard M109R. The Boulevard blew me away. The owner said there are only 20 in Australia and he had No1. It is a V-twin 1800cc monster. I didn’t ask how much. It sure would pull a sidecar very well too.

When I left I stopped off at lookout that looks down onto the Hawkesbury River. Stunning view.

Leaving there I turned off towards Pitt Town and Windsor. Some nice flowing corners on this road. And then it was back into the Sydney Saturday arvo traffic. Yuck..

Besides having to now have to fiddle with the suspension I am really impressed with the MZ.