Speedmaster - Mickey Mouse is back...

Fiddling again I has been.

I have gone back to the original Mickey Mouse looking mirrors. Why? With the 3 inch bar end ones I could not see much behind me. Of late I have had to do some freeway commuting. I want to know if I have a Highway Patrol coming up on me. As much as I hate the look of the mirrors at least I have a BIG clear review now.

The rack has been lowered. This meant cutting and drilling. When refitted of course I scratched the paint work on the rear mudguard. Much cussing was heard. Looked stupid that high up and once I have my solo seat fitted it would look even higher and stupider.

Raised the headlight with two large cast pipe nuts. For no other reason that I think it looks better higher up.

Added a leather strap over the chrome battery strap. Again because I can. Plus I like chrome but not too much.

Just some general shots cause I love the look of this bike.