Speedmaster - Low Rider Seat Version 2.

Low Rider Seat Version 2 done. Or as I like to call my new old seat , Tuck and Roll Brat style. Ended up not using the leather I have. The original seat cover from my 1971 CL450 Honda was pressed into service. I wanted an older look to the seat. I think using a 40 year old seat cover has done that.

Mounted a bit different than Version 1.Cut some of the tank mounting rubber away so the seat seats in under there. Made a bracket out of a strip of alloy to bolt the rear of the seat down. It don't move. Old belt used to stop brackets from rubbing on paint.

Might make a P-pad next. Also must tidy up all the lacing holding the saddlebags on.


  1. Good job with the seat mate. Are these available for sale at all? Or was this a once off?

    1. Hi Mike. Its a one off. And its coming off as it is not comfy at all.


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