Speedmaster - Kung Fu "Enter with Grips on"...

Biltwell stuff. I am really loving their products. I have already sampled their mustache handle bars. The welding on those is top notch. I have since stopped using them. Not because of the bars. Just wanted a different look to the bike. 

Now I have their Kung Fu grips fitted. Will these grips make me look like Bruce Lee? Time will tell. 

They seem to be made from a rubber compound. Look a bit like grips we used to use on our push bikes back in the 1970's with their raised ribbing. Should they them be called Ansell grips?

As I use bar end mirrors and the Kung Fu grips are not open at the bar end I had to use a bit of steel tubing to punch the ends out. Put the grip over the tube. Place the end of tube that has grip on it on block of wood. Then hammer the non grip end of the tube. This will then punch out a circle of rubber. So now your grips are open at both ends. 

Fit to bars with some WD40. They are a real tight fit without WD40. This soon soaks up or dries. 

I had to take the tabs off the throttle tube closest to the switch block so the grip would go all the way up. I used a sharp knife to do this. 

So far the grips feel way more comfy than the original Trumpy grips.