"el Lobo" hunches up the knees... The permanent fix?!

I hope this is the final fix to make the pillion position way more comfy. It started with "..."el Lobo" hunches up the knees..." Searching the net for a way to lower the pillion pegs I found a guy with a 1250 Bandit had made a set of brackets to move the whole pillion peg hanger. He used some metal plate fixed to the mounting brackets for the hanger. I had been wracking my brain for 2 weeks now trying to work out a way to move these pegs. Yet here is this very simple solution.

I am a metal worker by trade. So I can make some brackets too.

Here is what I did. Bought some 40mm x 3mm flat metal stock. I then drilled and cut these to shape. They will be painted black when done. I have made them so that the pegs will be 2 inches lower and 4 inches further forward. 

I have used the mounts that are on the frame to hold one leg of the pillion hanger plus the bracket. I wanted some strength due to the fact I could not get 5mm flat stock metal. This would have had less flex. The way I have mounted them there is hardly any flex at all. 

On the BMW whenever I picked up my fit from the road with a pillion on board our feet would most of the time touch as my foot came onto my footpegs. So am used to that. So if this happens with this mod I can either put up with it or get a set of Buell pegs for my feet that will lower them by an inch and help to stop this feet fouling. Jan, my partner, has sat on the bike with this mod done and says it feels way better. Tomorrow when we take the bike out for a ride will see how comfy this mod is for her. 


After: Bare metal making sure it all fits. 

Tomorrow I will also photograph the right side to show you how I have made a mount for the muffler as this hangs off the pillion peg hanger too. 

Here is the right hand side. The hanger for the muffler is made from two bits of aluminium. I am not happy with the way this looks but at the moment its there for function.