"el Lobo" hunches up the knees...Not anymore...

Have just been out on the bike two up. This mod has proven to be a great success. As per my last post here.  Jan reports her legs are in a very comfy position now. When I gun the bike or hit the breaks hard she is now not thrown all over the back of the bike.

Bear in mind I did have the airhawk cushion and sheepskin on her part of the seat. This is set up to make the seat at the back straight now not slopping forward.

Our feet do not foul up at all. I looked down while riding and Jan's feet are splayed out. Enough that the front of her foot is not near the back of my leg. Moving the pegs hangers forward has also moved the passenger pegs a bit further out than standard.

I am so happy with how this has turned out. Last thing I wanted was a bike that we both could not enjoy at the same time. Had that before this conversion.


  1. Hey mate I would be interested in seeing how this was done


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