Half arsed ride to Mt White..

Day off. Just did an oil change on the Bandit. Was home alone so decided to ride over to Mt White to the Cafe there for a cuppa. Week days you can get a few bikes there. Also this ride would give me a chance to see how the Bandit handles the twisties. 

Places that I would normaly bottom out on the Old Pac with the BMW can be taken with greater urge on the Bandit. It handles that much better than the BMW. This with stock suspenders too. 

Rounded up one of those new 6 cylinder BMW cruise liner bikes. Floundering great things they are. They should be made to wear a sign that says wide load. 

Arrived at Mt White Cafe only to fing it is empty. No sign up to say what had happened. Maybe it is too far to ride form Sydney for all the sports bike riders and this killed it off.

Where to go from here? Not the F3 and back home. Did that last night. 

Back towards home I head but will turn off at Kariong and go down Woy Woy road. Have not been down that way yet. What a great road it is too. Great views. Some great sweepers. Must ride this some more. 

The view from Staples Lookout is stunning. Can see so much of Brisbane Waters and the Pacific Ocean from up here. 

Chicken Strip be gone. Well on the back maybe.