"el Lobo" hunches up the knees...

So far my Bandit, "el Lobo" is a dream to ride and own. For me the ride position is just about perfect. The seat can be a bit hard. That has been fixed with my Airhawk blow up seat cushion.

For the pillion (for you Yanks that's passenger) it is another story. The pillion part of the seat slopes forward and the pegs are very high.

This kinda sours the bike a bit. To make the pillion perch flat we have added a small Airhawk and a sheepskin.

This helps Jan from sliding into my back when I brake or de-accelerate. Some how I would like to mod the pillion peg hangers so her legs are not so bent at the knees. I spent all of yesterday trying to rig up the spare BMW pegs I have. I had them is a great position too. The mounts I made were way too weak to take the weight of a person swinging up an onto the bike. Back to the drawing board.