Sophie retired???

No spark what so ever. 

2 days ago she cut out on me while riding home from work. No sooner had she cut out that she fired back up. Then cut out and then straight away fired back up. 

I checked the Omega system and found that the plastic screws that hold the Printed Circuit Board had come loose. I replaced these with small metal bolts. Set the gap between the Printed Circuit Board and the magnet carrier as per the fitting instructions. Took her for a run and she just did not feel right. The plastic screws have stripped their threads too. 

Started her up this morning and as she is warming up then she cuts out. Pull the plugs, ground them to the cylinders with plug leads attached and see if I have any spark. Nothing on either side. 

New coil, plug leads and caps were fitted March this year around 6000 kms ago. This was when the Omega was fitted too. I don't believe its the coil. 

I had fitted the coil and Omega as the bike had cut out and I had no spark. This fixed this. 

I am a complete ludite when it comes to electrics. I have no idea how to test the Electronic ignition control unit. Which I have taken out of the bike. Found that all the heat sink paste had dried up between this and its mounting bracket. It may not of had any paste put on it at all it was that dry. 

How do I test the bean can? It is still fitted just not connected due to the Omega. 

Further investigation today and I think the Omega has gone. The integrated LED light in the printed circuit board stays on no matter where the timing "S" mark is. I undo this printed circuit board and have it moved away from the magnet carrier and the LED still stays on no matter where the timing "S" mark is as well. 

When I can get it started the bike runs for no more than a minute or so. Then cuts out.

A few others I know who have fitted an Omega have had theirs fail. The unit only has a warranty of 3 months. I am well out of that. 

I will decide what to do with her over the next few weeks. 

I bought it for $6490.

I have put a further $5k into it. This does not include tyres, rego etc. 

At this point I am over throwing money at it.

It has a long list of things that need fixing. Besides this current problem. 

So this is her now...