Oils hate me.... BMW

Rockster from BIKEME forums came around today to have a look over my BM. He used to own a Mono shock R80RT. He wanted to relive his days with his favoured RT. When he arrived he caught me in the middle of changing some oils in the bike. Or should I say he caught me getting the amount of oil for the shaft drive mixed up with the rear wheel drive. Yes I had tried to put 350 ml into the shaft drive. It poured back out. It is only supposed to have 150ml. What is it with me and oil? Anyway I reread the owners manual and got it right. Rockster showed me how to make a paper funnel out of a glossy junk mail advert so I could get the oil into the shaft drive without it going everywhere.

It was great to chat bikes and BMs and to hear about how he totalled his RT. Well it was great that he did but you know what I mean.

I couldn’t change the gearbox oil as I could fin the extender for the socket. So will do that one when I buy another extender. Engine oil will also be done then too. I asked Rockster to take my bike for a spin. I wanted another opinion about the front end of my bike.

So off he took with a big grin under his helmet. While he was away I took some photos of his R1150R Oilhead. This was until I heard this loud rumble coming. He was not even in sight yet when I heard my bike coming. He roared past me. What a lovely noise my bike makes. Chucks a U turn and back in my driveway. Still grinning too. Other than the rear brake and maybe a carbie tune he says that the front end feels really good and the engine sounds sweet. PHEW! That was so good to hear. I did do the oil change on the front end correctly then. Cheers mate for doing what you did for me today. I am greatly relieved.

I got to sit on the R1150R. At first it felt not right with those big wide bars. But the more I sat the more comfortable it became. Well of course it would it is a BMW.

So again mate thanks for the help and the test ride, all be it around the block. Thanks to for the spares.