Get Forked... BMW

I spent today finding out how to and not to pull the front end down. First thing you do not need to spend $80 on a huge shifter to undo the top fork nuts. I bought one thinking I had to undo those nuts. Could not get them to move at all.

Found out you undo the fork sliders from the bottom via a hex bolt that is exposed after the axle is taken out. Drained the oil out of the forks. Then the sliders slip off.

Old seals came out real easy. New ones after a wee bit of time in the freezer were coaxed into place with a hammer and a small block of wood. I have 2 blocks of wood that I could not do with out. They are used for everything from holding wheels in place on the bike while taking the axle out to being used to knock things into place.

The handlebars had to be dropped out of the way to allow access to the hex bolt at the top of the forks. This then allows you pour the fork oil in.

Cleaned the fork legs up. Started to put it all back together. I used Shell 10 weight fork oil and put 315ml in. Got to refilling the forks and as I did this I noticed that oil was appearing on the concrete floor. The drain bolts had been already been put back in. The left one was leaking. Took the bolt out and found that some of the thread had been damaged. Found another bolt and not no drip.

Once everything was back together and I took the bike off the main stand straight away I noticed a difference. The front end felt so much firmer and didn’t droop so much with the weight of the fairing. Sitting on the bike the front end also feels much better.

The old oil that came out of a grey colour. The new oil that went in was a reddish clear in colour.

Tomorrow arvo I shall take the bike out for a spin and see how the front end really feels.

Thanks to spottedquoll over at BIKEME forums for the tips on oil to use etc.