Black is good... BMW

Some photos I took this morning. It is very wet and gloomy here is Sydney at the moment. So these are not the best photos.

I bought a replacement mirror for the one that broke off. I was able to get a 2nd hand one from The mirrors have to be tightened down otherwise they turn inwards at speed. So to adjust them you have to loosen the nut retaining nut, move the mirror and then do the nut up again. That done and new (old) mirror on and it was time for a ride.

I had my oldest daughter on the back and it was raining. So off west to Penrith along the Motorway we went. Wow is this bike built for this type of road. Roll on the throttle to overtake and off the bike shoots. No more having to book an overtaking move 2 weeks in advance. The MuZ could not do this for obvious reasons.

The weather protect from the fairing is outstanding. I made sure I just wore my Blundstone slip on boots and wet weather pants. If the rain got to my boots my feet would be fish-tanks. But not a drop got through. Feet tucked in behind the cylinders and fairing and they are dry and toastie. Summer will be a different matter.

From Heather my pillion she said the bike is more comfortable that the MuZ, but her bum got numb.

Enough of my rambles. Here are the photos...