Bye Bye MuZ hello BMW....

I have traded my MuZ in. This was a hard decision to make as I love the MuZ so much. I struggled to make up my mind to trade it in. I said I would then I changed my mind. I drove the people at the BIKEME forums mad with this too. Then this morning I made up my mind to buy a BMW.

I have found that the MuZ is not a good 2 up machine. The panniers make it so hard for a pillion to get their legs onto the rear pegs. As the Sport is a ‘single’ seat bike the rear pegs are just an afterthought. That is how it looks to me. Yes I could have used throw over bags. But the rear seat is not comfortable for my wife. After ½ an hour she is in agony. This ruins any ride of any good distance for us. I know that BMW have a good reputation for great touring seats.

But the main thing that swung me is that I sold the Virago and sidecar last week and had some cash. I can afford to buy a bigger bike. What bike. Well I have wanted a BMW for so long. A boxer was my main fantasy. So that’s what I have bought.

Here is the bike as seen in the bike shop add. Again I went to Better Bikes. Same guys I bought the MuZ from.

BMW R100LT 1994
Price $6490
Odometer 104845kms.

I will keep using this blog but change the look to reflect the new bike. All the MuZ articles will stay up here too. I still love the MuZ and know that people use the info on this blog.


  1. Ross, Paul here from Dallas, Texas, with the green Skorpion.
    Just wanted to congratulate you on the BMW. I also ride that bike, though it is red. You'll find it very rewarding, though not nearly as nimble as the MZ. I find the weather protection excellent, and for a touring bike this beast is hard to beat.
    I will leave this week on a 2500 or so mile trip from Dallas to St Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, Oklahoma City and back.
    Good wishes with your new bike, and many pleasant miles on it.
    We'll continue to watch your blog as you begin this new adventure.


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