I can see clearly now…….

If you have a Skorpion that has the standard European twin headlamp and you ride at night how do you do it? It mystifies me how they could sell this bike with such a hopeless headlamp. I know the law in Europe says that you can only have one of the headlamps on at one time. That way any on coming traffic won’t think that it’s a car way off in the distance. Good for the other road users but really bad for me at night. It would have been better to use a lit match. Sorry if you find the standard headlamp ok.

So how to fix this? Easy get a Yamaha headlamp from any FZR/TRX etc Bruce Campbell told me. So that’s what I did. Bought a TRX850 headlamp off eBay. Paid $49.00 for it.

Once here it was a simple job to take the top part of the fairing off and then remove the original headlamp. I found that the connectors are not the same when you have twin headlamps. Parts from my old XV1000 came to the rescue. XV1000 Headlamp loom was spliced into the MuZ loom. Plug in the connectors and wow look at that lovely light bouncing off the garage wall.

New Head lamp fitted.

Bolt fairing back on. Also put original mirrors back on. Now that I have the handle bars set where I like them they have pulled my elbows out of the way of the original mirrors.

It’s night time by the time this has all happened. So that makes it perfect to go and test the light. Dark streets are now well lit. High beam is no longer a narrow beam of spotlight. “I can see I tell ya. I can see!”

Next modification has to be a Scot Oiler for the chain.


  1. Ah, so THAT'S why all those bikes with just one light on? I always thought it looked absolutely horrible, but I suppose there is some logic behind it...

    I learned one new thing today, and it's still before 7 am :)


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