Sydney Motorcycle Show...

It's here. The Sydney Motorcycle Show. Brisbane and Melbourne saw this show before us. Must be pay back for the Olympics. I was there yesterday. I love flexi time at work. The show is just one big bike shop. You get to sit on just about all of the bikes.

It is also a great place to meet up with friends. Aus_Dragon and Pink_Dragon were there with their kids. Pink_Dragon was trying on a RI for size. You should have seen the look on her face as she sat on that bike. It might just be on the next bike shopping list. I found Sleddog at the Buel stand. He was trying to get one under his shirt. Then pegasus was found at one of the GPS stands. So the three of us spend many hours full of laughs and bike sitting on.

Sleddog seems to have this way with Show Girls.... ;-)

My fav bike to sit on was the BMW F800s. The only bike in the whole show that said "my next bike". Of all the Honda's I sat on the Transalp was the best. The worse was the Blackbird. Way too big for my dumpy legs. The Royal Enfields did tempt me as well. But I am bent that way. Singles that is.

Anyway would you like to see around 170 photos I took? Be aware that this is not for the dial up user. Sorry.

So click on the logo to go to the webpage I have with the photos.


  1. I dont htink I even need to go now :D


  2. Hey mate. You need to go. You will find your next bike for sure...


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