Friends of Racing4MS ride 1st October 2007.

Yesterday I had the privilege of leading a very small group of NetRiders up the Road Warriors Cafe Mt. White. You may have seen previous post I have had done to this blog about a ride up the Road Warriors. It's a great bit of road. Much travelled by motorcycles.

Racing4MS have an annual charity BBQ at Road Warriors. So why not support them and go for a ride.

Five of us, R-K-O, Specs, BRD007 and a late comer, Jennifer meet up at with myself and family (wife and oldest daughter were in the car, Lilly came on the back of the MuZ) at the Mobil Servo Berowra.

Knowing that the cops would be out in force this long weekend we rode up the Old Pacific Highway at the speed limit. Also this was Lilly's first ride outside of the suburbs was not going to ride this road like I would normally do. First time I have done this since I was a kid in the back of my parents car. This road used to be the mail highway north 40 odd years ago. There
had been a gale blowing all weekend so there was heaps of tree debris on the road. Leaves and branches. I got hit good in the boot by one large branch that was ambushing me in a shadow. Thankfully it didn't flick up and hit Lilly on the back of the bile. It was also a hot day. This made the tar they pore in the cracks of the road very slippery. I am more used to all three wheels on the outfit letting go so when both wheels on the MuZ let go it did take me a bit by surprised. Given that I was leaning over into a corner. Lilly felt the tires go as well. But we stayed upright. This took Specs by surprise too. He was behind me and must have hit the same cracks.

As we leisurely wound our way down to the Hawkesbury River coming the other way as a group of Honda BlackBirds. One guy leading them was flying. I have never seen a bike ridden that fast on the Old Pacific. Maybe he was busting to go to the loo. Man he was flying. Was very impressive to see.

With no mishapes at all for our little group we arrived at Road Warriors Cafe. And what a great turnout greeted us there.

Another group of Rouse Hill Coffee Meet Netriders had left earlier that morning and rode a longer route there via Wisemans Ferry. They soon arrived and reported no problems with their group either. I think this says a lot for just riding in small groups. Maybe the rides that are arranged through Netrider should be made smaller. Just my observation. They had fun on their ride.

Rouse Hill Coffee Meet Netriders

Mick on the left and is 70. He is Kim's dad. Kim is on the
right. He has had bike since he was 12. He rode down from up north.

As the afternoon progressed different groups of riders dropped in for the charity event. It was so good to see the support the MS Society received this day. Shame the media doesn't this side of motorcyclists more on the news.

All sorts of bikes turned up. From Scooters to Honda Goldwings. Ducatis rubbed handlebars with Harleys. Old Jap bikes sat next to brand new superbikes. This is what riding is all about. A great road. Fellow bike people and a good place to meet and chat bikes.

Netrider Spec's 2005 Yamaha YZF R6

NetRider BRD007's Hyosung GT250

Soon it was time for the Future family to mount up and head for home via Pie in the Sky Cafe at the start of the Old Pacific.

Lilly and I mounted up ready to go.

On the way back Heather had my camera and took some videos of Lilly and I on the MuZ. See the panel on the right or follow this link.

There is a great view at Pie in the Sky. Also from the girls said that the Pies are great from there. In all the years I have been up and down this road I have never stopped there before.

One mean looking Yamaha.

Thank you to Racing4MS for putting on a good do. Also thanks to the NetRider girls and guys that came along. It is always great hanging out with you lot.


  1. lovely as always ross! thanks for cheering me up.... at work....raining....should be least i fettled a bit in the garage this morning... ;-) cheers! Sean

  2. Hi Sean. We are having hot weather here for the start of spring. perfect riding weather.

  3. Hi Ross

    Racing4ms would like to thank you for helping make the day an awesome success, we raised about $1200 and it was great to see so many old and new friends on the day

    Mark and Sarah-Jane
    co-founders Racing4MS


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