Four for a Ride Friday....

Four of us did a ride today. Chickbabe (2004 Suzuki GS500F) , Sleddog (Suzuki Boulevard 800) , Swiss (Honda VTR 250) and me on the MuZ. We meet McGraths Hill. Then rode to Wisemans Ferry, crossing the river via the ferry then onto Spencer, Mangrove Mountain, Kulnura then down into Yarramalong. We then turned around and headed for Road Warriors Café at Mt White via Peats Ridge. After lunch at Road Warriors it was on down the Old Pacfic Hwy turning off at Berowra. Using the Ferry there we crossed another river and headed back into suburbia. Was a great ride. When can we go for a ride again???

Swiss and Sleddog at the meeting point.

Chickbabe has arrived.

On the Wisemans Ferry.

Our first stop. Spencer.

Who let these kids into the playground???

Next years Stoner had better watch out.

Why can't it be longer???

Seen at Road Warriors.

Very nice XBR and Buel. Both ownered by
the guy on the right. His mate must be a good one as he let him ride his Buel.

Luvely Trumpy Thruxton.

Riders leaving Road Warriors.

Guzzi sure do know how to make sexy bikes. Grizo.

Waiting for the Berowra Ferry.


  1. Nice ride. I've done a similar route myself a few times. Let me know next time you're going that way and I'll come along! (TarmacSamurai at NetRider).


  2. Hi Alan. Sure thing. I will let you know.

  3. lovely as always ross! we don't do the XBR on this side of the pond....nice bike! Cheers! Sean


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