4 months on...

The MuZ feast just keeps on going this weekend. It is now just on four months ago that I bought my Traveller. It has not been all roses. There have been some thorns thrown up at me by the Traveller.

Taken today at Lake Parramatta.

The rear shock is one. Turns out it was stuffed. No wonder the rear end was jack hammering me up the spine. On the BMW ride I noticed at one stop when I got off the bike that the rear end was much lower than normal. I thought I was seeing things. By the time I got back on the bike all was normal.

The about a month ago I had the honour to ride Bruce Campbell’s Tour. He rode my Traveller. I wanted him to do an evaluation on my bike. He commented that the shock was not good. Had no rebound. When I got home on my bike I found that the shock had collapsed. The rear end was sagging. It took a few minutes before it would come back up. And then very slowly. Bruce came to the rescue with the original shock from his bike. Wow the difference. So much so that I was able to take Lilly on the back when we went to Road Warriors for the Racers4MS ride. But the back end was about to get even better.

Again Bruce came to the rescue. He was upgrading his rea shock from the FoxShock to a Wilbers (I think it is a Wilbers). So he offered me his FoxShock at very good price. Boy has this made a big difference. I can’t believe how well this bike now handles.

The FoxShock spring is yellow not red. For some reason it has come out red. Must be the blue shirt.

Bruce, thank you so much for your help with my bike. You have shown me how good these bikes can be made.

I love the grunt that this engine has. I still get a kick out of thumping up hills and it will pull up them without slowing down.

The headlamp will be the next thing for major overhaul. It is so pitiful at night. So I am following the TRX 580 Yammie headlamp trail.

I am also trying to track down an annoying fairing rattle. Since the bike was backed into and I had to take the firing off it has been developing theses horrible rattles and squeaks. One by one I am curing them. It is because the faring frame has been twisted a small amount. I have been very tempted to go naked. Remove the fairing all together and fit a big 9 inch headlamp from off either an XJ650 or SR500. Having had both of these bikes I loved the 9 inch headlamp at night. But if I can get the TRX headlamp I wont strip the bike.

I have put just on 3000ks since I bought it. Not a lot I know. The more I fiddle with the bike the more it shines.

Today I was topping up the coolant when I looked down at the back wheel and saw this lovely shinny metal thing gleaming back at me. ARRRGGGHH. A nail in the back tyre. It has gone all the way through too. Yes I pulled it out and as air escaped I quickly put it back in. So off to the local motorcycle shop, Chivos, for him to plug it.

Yes there have been thorns but I love this bike. I still say it is the best bike I have owned.