"New cafe" on Old Pacific Highway.

Went for a wee jaunt today on the Bandit. Mainly to test the heated grips I have put on. Want to keep my delicate digits warm in winter.

I went to the "new" cafe on the Old Pacific Highway. Now called "Old Road Cafe." Same same. At least it is not the flea pit it used to be when it was "Road Warriors."

Lonely job this corner marking. He was waiting for the last 3 harleys from HOG. 

The start of the Old Pac from the northern end. 

Twas a bit wet in places. A bit slippery at times. Saw a police bike go the other way. gggrrrr. He was out hunting. I was not speeding. 

I saw lots of bikes at the cafe. 

Square exhausts. 

"I look like a brit." "I am one ya cahn"

"look he is taking a photo of your bike." No I am stealing its soul. 

Monochrome KTM

Flames makes you go faster. 

Five kicks and its going. 

Teh Fridge has a NSW brother. Teh Fridge.

I needed to regain my strength after such a hard and long ride. 

Only the table would park next to the lone scooter.

Are these Harleys? 

Ago was there. 

Daytona and Yoshi. I bet that sounds so sweet.

After my smarty cookie and chai latte I head for home. I knew no one at the cafe so no one said goodbye to me. Bastards. 

The boring freeway that connects Sydney and the Central Coast all the way to Newcastle. BORING!

Stopped at Staples Lookout. Didn't find any staples. They lied. 

Now who would want to live on the Central Coast like me? 

Every time I go past this memorial I wish I had my camera. This time I did. Explorers Memorial at Blackwall.

My hands are now warm when riding. Heated grips are good. 


  1. Good blog..went past the café today with my 10 year old son...he enjoyed it...only two bikes were there...all good...had pizza... from Chaz

  2. It is way better than when it was Road Warriors. Cleaner. Great you took son for ride.


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