A shout out...

Yesterday my 5 degree advancer from Holeshot arrived. Dale, who owns Holeshot, offers such great service. Great communication all through the purchasing and sending process.

The kit comes with the advancer and a new gasket. There is a very well written set of installation instructions.
I had it all fitted and the bike started up in under 10 minutes
I have yet to ride the bike yet I have noticed that the engine is more responsive off idle. Of course out on the road will show how good this mod is. 

Thank you Dale. Wish more sellers/suppliers on the Net were like you. 


Just took the bike out for a quick blat. I sure have noticed a better response in low and mid range. I though the 12 was good in standard trim. Its even better now. 

I have the OEM exhaust still fitted, no airbox mod and no re-jetting.

The idle went up a bit from before the advancer was put in. I have backed the idle off to 1300rpm which is what it was set to when I bought the bike.