It must be nearly 30 years ....

It must be nearly 30 years since I did a sprocket and chain change. Helps that I have had a few shaft drive bikes. Or the chain drive bikes I have got rid of before they needed new chain. Example of this is the MuZ I had.

The 1200 has a real tight spot in the chain. So I have a new X ring chain and new sprockets to go on. I am using the standard size sprockets. I do not want to play around with gearing. Knowing me I would end up buying different size sprockets. Not like the change to the gearing and go back to standard.

I bought a Tsubaki / Supersprox Heavy duty X-ring chain & sprocket kit  from as they were the cheapest I could find in Australia.

I know what to do. I have watched a few You Tube videos to refresh my memory. I have bought a 32mm socket to get the drive sprocket nut off.

Glad I have an angle grinder. Only way to get the old chain off and cut the new one to length.

Jan loaned me her foot and leg to press on the rear brake so I could undo the drive sprocket and then redo it up. Thank you sweetheart. In fact I could not have undone this without her help. I do not like the bit of wood between the swing-arm and wheel method to lock the rear wheel.

By the looks of it the original chain and sprockets were on the bike till this morning. The front sprocket that came off had a rubber bushing moulded to either side of the sprocket. The teeth of this were starting to get a bit hooked. The rear sprocket shows almost no wear at all. They had been on their for 44k kms as far as I can tell.

Including taking the dogs out for a walk this morning and a test ride it is done. In just under 3 1/2 hours.


  1. Must be the season for new chain and sprockets. I just had mine replaced.


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